Friday, July 25, 2014

PA Blogger Meetup 2014

Two posts from me in one day?  How can this be?!  LOL.  I'm just so excited because I was able to meet up with some fellow TpT sellers and bloggers in Hershey, PA today!  I love Hershey, PA!  Hershey has outlets and of of course, chocolate!  You can't go wrong visiting this town!

I was a little nervous at first making the hour and half ride to meet people I've never met before!  It was like that feeling you have when you go on a first date! LOL.  However, I am SO happy that I made the trip because I truly met some fantastic people!  They were SUPER nice and fun to learn from!  Here is a picture of us...

From left to right is Angie from Rulin' the Roost, Wendy from Readwithmeabc, me, Andrew from Mr First Grade, and his wife!  

Here's another picture of me and the lovely Wendy who took the time and effort to organize this meet up!

She even made us all these goodie bags!  How cute?!

Even though I was nervous about making the trip to Hershey, I'm SO glad I did.  I learned lots (especially about Instagram!) that I can't wait to put into practice.

Our next meet up won't be until next summer...  I wish we all lived closer :(.  Until then, I'm excited to keep in contact with them in the virtual world as well as other TpT sellers and bloggers that I meet along the way :).

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