Sunday, March 16, 2014

I love Student Teachers! Gift Ideas!

I live in a small college town in PA.  Every year the college seeks placements for hundreds of student teachers.  Every year I sign up for one for the spring and I am never disappointed!  If you've ever experienced a student teacher before, you may know that some experiences with them can be harder than others, but in the end it's such a rewarding experience for both involved!  Not only do they gain valuable learning experience that they can't get from a college classroom,but I always learn new ways to go about teaching a concept that I never thought of before!  As the saying goes, two head are better than one!

We'll, unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my student teacher this past Friday :(.  She had to move on to her second placement.  There were LOTS of tears from her, me, and my class of 24!  And when I mean tears, I mean TEARS- UGLY TEARS! lol.  I'd post a picture of my student teacher crying her eyes out to the class, but I will save her the embarrassment ;).  Instead I want to post some pics of gifts that my class got for her.  I always struggle what the best gifts to give are.  One of the gifts I had the students make was a book on teaching advice for her.  I didn't take a picture of that, but I got the idea on TpT-- It's an easy find!  The other gifts my class got for her came collaboratively from the other three teachers in my 2nd grade wing who had student teachers, as well!  If you are looking for gift ideas for your student teacher, perhaps you may want to give one of these a try!:

This first picture is of a mousepad.  A very crafty mom from my class came up with this idea!  My student teacher participated in my school's annual Donkey Basketball game- what fun!  This mom was there and captured a great photo of her!  She then made it into a mousepad that the kids signed!  Now she can use it in her future classroom- how cool!

The next gift all the students signed, too!  I purchased a t-shirt of the school I work in.  On the backside, I wrote "#1 Student Teacher!" and the kids signed around it.  I'm not artsy, but I thought it was a cute idea that I got from a fellow teacher!

I always celebrate the last day with my student teacher by having an ice cream party- I love my sweets ;)!  I supply the ice cream, bowls, and spoons.  I then ask the students to bring in a topping of their choice.   I did do the ice cream party, but instead of asking them to bring in toppings, I decide to go in a different direction.  This time I decided to ask them to bring in an item related to teaching to add to a basket for her.  I gave them ideas such as sticky notes, pens, stickers, markers, etc.  Well let me tell you, my student teacher got A LOT!  My students were SO GENEROUS!  Most brought in more than one thing.  In fact, she got so much that I couldn't fit it all in the basket!  And let's just say, I was a bit jealous of some of the things she got! lol.  I will be doing this again for my next student teacher!! 

I hope you found some useful gift ideas for your next student teacher!  Or, if you're debating whether or not you want one, that I have convinced you! :)  Please comment below if you have any neat student teacher gift ideas- I'd LOVE to hear it! 

Until next time!,

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Read Across America Week 2014

Read Across America week is coming to an end!  What fun things did you do with your class?  The highlight of my week was a little Wacky Wednesday fun!  I love starting the day by giving the students a morning paper that is at a HS level!  Now, if you don't know much about me, I teach 2nd grade! LOL.  I love TpT b/c all I did was search Chemistry and found a freebie worksheet, printed it out, and stuck it on their desks!  It's always so fun each year to see how the kids will react to it!  They tend to get puzzled looks on their faces, try out the paper for about like 5 minutes, and then when they hand it in they apologize b/c they just don't understand it.  Then I remind them, no worries, it's WACKY WEDNESDAY! :)

At center time, I decided to use my new classroom iPads at the writing center.  I literally threw together a QR code search for them to work on 10 minutes before they walked in.  The idea just came to me!   I have the students using the QR Reader App to go to two different websites on Dr. Seuss.  They read the sites and answer the questions provided to them.  If you have iPads and are interested in checking it out, it's offered as a FREEBIE in my store (link to my TpT site on flag above)!  If you do happen to download it, please leave me some sweet feedback :).  It would be neat to know that somebody found it via my blog!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm Nominated for the Liebster Award!

Happy March, all!  I can't wait for spring to come!  Looking forward to the sound of birds chirping and long runs outside!

Yesterday, I got the news from A Peach For The Teach that I was nominated for the Liebster Award! The Liebster award is a way to recognize new bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  I had a new blog designed for me in February 2014 and so far I have 23 followers.  With a new dedication to blogging, I'm hoping that changes soon :).

So, a big thanks to A Peach For the Teach for nominating me! 

A Peach for the Teach: Behavior Supports & Multi-Age

Here are the rules that were given to me by A Peach for the Teach:

#1- Link back to the blog that nominated me.
#2- Nominate 5-11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers.
#3- Answer the questions posted to me by my nominator.
#4- Share 11 random facts about me

My 11 Random Facts

#1- I live in a small town in PA.  In fact, it's the only town in PA.  Well, the only official town in PA!

#2- I must travel 45 minutes for any decent shopping!  Thank goodness for online shopping!!

#3- Before I moved to PA and graduated HS in PA, I grew up in Long Island NY and went to the same HS as Natalie Portman!

#4- I LOVE chocolate.  I must have it in one form or another everyday.  I wish I didn't b/c my metabolism isn't what it used to be- ha!

#5- I am a saver not a spender.  Everything I buy must be on sale!

#6- Before I bought my house, I traveled the world.  My favorite place being Australia!

#7- If somebody told me I had to move to Australia, I'd pack my bags ASAP- I LOVE it there!

#8- When I flew from NY to LA to catch my plane to Australia, I was on the same plane at Jessica Biel and she looked straight at me as I was headed to coach and she was seated in first class, of course!  lol

#9-  I am a HUGE pet lover!  I have two cats of my own.  I love dogs, too and visit my parents two dogs regularly.

#10- I am a huge HGTV fan! 

#11- People often ask me what I would do for a living if I wasn't a teacher and I really have no idea what that would be?!  Teaching is definitely for me!

Answers to Questions Asked of Me 
By My Nominator

#1- My educational background is both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Early Childhood/ Elementary Education.

#2- What lead me to start teaching was my love for kids!  I grew up babysitting and new that spending time teaching kids was for me!  What lead me to blogging was stumbling upon other blogs that I got a ton of neat ideas from.  I am hoping to be able to pass along my neat ideas through blogging, as well!

#3- Yes, I have a TPT store, Facebook Page, and Pinterest Page.  All of those links can be found by clicking on the flaw at the top of my page!  The one thing that I don't have is an Instagram page.  Should I?  Am I missing out?!

#4- I don't really have an favorite Teaching blogs that I follow.  I get a lot of great ideas from blogs that are from top TpT sellers and those that are not.  Everybody has great ideas!

#5- My funniest teaching story really isn't a story but an everyday occurrence.  Everyday I have students who still say, "Mrs. Wiist, Can I go to the bathroom?"  And I'll say, "I don't know, let me call my mom!" The funny part of that is I am Miss Wiist. Both the student and I always giggle :).

#6- My greatest teaching challenge is being on top of things.  I seem to have to work with a new curriculum every year in which I need detailed plans for.  There are not enough hours in the day!

#7- I always say my best teaching moment comes on the last day of school when I think about how my students look, behave, and grew academically from day 1 to day 180- amazing!  

#8- My favorite hobby is running!  I was not born to do it but it makes me feel good!

#9- The best speaker I ever heard was a speaker that taught me about APL. APL is a way of teaching.  If you never heard of it, look it up! 

#10- My favorite teaching resource is TpT, of course!  I love to see how other teacher go about teaching skills that I teach.  It's the best way I can "enter" a classroom of somebody who lives nowhere near me!

#11-  My long-term goal is get my PHD is education.  I always wanted to teach at the college level!   What has hinder be thus far is a lack of a higher institution in my area that offers such a degree.

Fellow Bloggers That 
I would Like to Nominate!

The following are bloggers that have been kind to me in the Facebook World! :)

Can't Stop Smiling

So sorry that the links are PINK!  I'm not a fan of light pink!  Don't know how to change! :(

11 Questions For My Nominees

#1- Do you work at a school?  If so, tell me about your position there.

#2- Do you have a TpT store?  If so, how long have you had one?

#3- If you have a TpT store, tell me about your favorite product you have and why you believe in it so much.

#4-  Do you have a Facebook page, a Pinterest account, Instagram?

#5- What is your favorite thing about teaching?

#6- What is your greatest challenge when it comes to teaching?

#7- If you weren't a teacher, what would you be?

#8-  What are your hobbies? 

#9- If you had one wish, what would it be?

#10- What are your short-term goals?

#11- What are you long-term goals?

Thanks again to A Peach for the Teach for nominating me! 

If I nominated you, please refer back to the top of this post for the rules.  

Thank you to all!,