Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tsu... Giveaway!

Hi Y'All!

I jumped on board and am part of the Tsu social media!  You can find my page by clicking on the link:
I'm happy to be part of this blog hop to promote it!

A teaching strategy that I like to share with you is a behavior management one.  It's nothing fancy, just simple and effective!  You say...


I've been teaching for over a decade now AND just started saying that this year!  And, WOW!  It's so simple to say and tells me what I need to know- WHO IS OR IS NOT LISTENING ME?! lol  It's a quick way to let me know who needs a special invitation from me to listen ;).

Thank you for "hoping" to my blog!  I hope you decide to enter the Giveaway.  There is A LOT of great stuff to win!  Check it out...

Before I go, I'd like to thank Celeste, from The Education Highway,  for setting up this blog hop! There you can find a link to enter the Giveaway!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

And This is Why I Don't Call off!

Ugh... The dreaded substitute planning has snuck up on me for the first time this year!  How many of you HATE planning for a substitute?  Who would rather come in sick... sick as a dog?  How many of you have pulled off teaching with no voice, absolutely NO VOICE!  I bet many of you have b/c we all know...


Now, what's that on my desk?  Hour and Hours and HOURS of substitute planning!  Ahhh!

Now, I can't complain that much... I'm lucky, VERY lucky!  A lot of times there are two retired 2nd grade teachers (I am 2nd grade) who will come in to sub only for 2nd grade.  So, that means, I have a good chance that I will get one of them AND my day will go on as normal.  Such a good feeling!!  Unfortunately though, my sub plans don't get done with a snap of a finger :(.

Before anybody wishes me back to good health, I am not sick! lol.  I have a training day for iPads tomorrow that I'm actually pretty excited about!  I will get to learn more about how to get kids using iPads during math class.  Hopefully I will learn some fun ideas to share!

Until then, I wish you good health in the months to come b/c like you, it's no fun planning for a substitute teacher... no matter how good they are! :)

Until next time!,

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Welcome to my redesigned blog!  I am SO excited to share my new blog with you all!  My last blog, while cute, just wasn't me!  I decided I needed a little bit of sparkle and a little bit of my favorite color purple to jazz it up!  Thanks to Blogs Fit for a Queen for the redesign!  Oh, and I can't forget about my custom made avatar from my FAVORITE clip artist on TPT- Sarah from Educlips!  THANKS SARAH!!

Now that the school year is in full swing and I'm into my routine, I plan to focus more on networking- something I just devoted a little time to and never fully understood.  I just have to tell myself, "This is all a learning process!!"

Please help me get started by connecting with me on the links above!  I'll definitely follow you back!Thanks so much for stopping by!! Have a great week with your class! :)