Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bah Humbug Christmas Writing!


First off... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

It's been a while since I posted... a looooonnng while to say the least!  I've taken a new position at my school, so I feel like a brand new teacher all over again!  Plus, I don't like to write (I can say that now b/c I'm just the math and science teacher, NOT writing- woot ;D!).

Ok, so this post I am about to write will totally contradict what I wrote above b/c this post is about children WRITING!  Don't get me wrong, I don't like the act of writing myself, but I LOVE to read students' writing!  Especially when they do creative writing- Oh...What Fun to read!

Even though I'm not the writing teacher, I had my 3rd graders write Christmas BAH HUMBUG (Click to find it in my shop!) stories for two reasons.  First reason, I had a lot of the same students in 2nd grade and they asked to write these stories AGAIN!  Yes, I repeat, they wanted to WRITE AGAIN!  They REMEMBER writing these stories last year!  How can I say no to that?! Secondly, I really needed an updated hall display!!!!!!

I posted pics below b/c pictures "tell" more than words and did I mention, I don't like to write?!

This first pic is from this year (2105).  Don't be jealous, I REALLY do get the lucky fire extinguisher spot!

This next pic is from my last year when I taught 2nd grade.  This picture shows off the display just a bit better!!

PS:  If you want to find me on Instagram you can find me at Abc123is4me or click the link at the top of this page!

Well, if you're still reading this, a GOLD STAR for you!  ;)

Thanks for your time and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dare to Dream!

I'm a dreamer!  I dream all the time.  Sometimes my dreams are realistic but lot of times that are not!  You can probably all relate to that!

When I opened my TpT store back in March 2013 I dreamed of all possible ways I can spend my extra earnings.  My dreams took me TpTing fulltime on the beaches of Hawaii- HA!

Like most, my store didn't take off so fast!  In fact it wasn't until the 2014- 2015 school year that I was making some decent money.  Now remember, "decent money" has a different definition for all of us!  Let's just say, if I wanted to buy a new car, I could easily afford the monthly payments.   What I started making in a month is what some make in a week or even in a day... OH MY!  Could you imagine?!

I knew I couldn't compare myself to others so I just focused on MY GOAL for my TpT earnings... A NEW KITCHEN!!  I search Pinterest all the time for kitchen ideas and pin them to my board "Kitchen Ideas"!    If you like white kitchens, you might want to check it out, if not, STAY CLEAR!!

So, last year I had a kitchen guy come over to give me an estimate.  I was SO close at going through with it until BAM, I need a new roof- boo!  Unfortunately, I could't choose between the two :(.  Oh, and I couldn't get just any roof, I had to get a metal roof (chi- chang!) due to the low pitch of my roof- WHATEVER!  So, now my kitchen is on my roof and you sometime see me up there eating- JUST KIDDING!

Now, why stop at a kitchen, I'll take a new bathroom, too!  Why not!  HA!  TpT is getting me closer to achieving my dreams but I need to keep at saving for hopefully just a little bit longer :).

Now, I would love to know... What is YOUR dream?!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Makeover Madness!

I have joined a bunch of teachers on a #tptsellerchallenge for the next four weeks!  Week one is a product makeover challenge.  I actually lucked out because I redid this product cover just yesterday!  One of my favorite clip artists came out with a safari clip art set and I had to snatch it up to help redo my Researching and Presenting Research Using QR Codes- African Animals product!  I LOVE how it turned out!  To celebrate my product cover makeover, you can grab this product ON SALE this week! 

Happy Summer!,

Monday, May 4, 2015

Northeastern Regional TpT Seller Meet-Up! #TPTFLOCK

This past weekend (May 2), 
I had the opportunity to attend the first 
Northeastern Regional TpT Seller Meet-Up 
in Binghamton, NY!  This meet-up did NOT disappoint!  

First, I was on the look out for Jennifer Jones from Hello Literacy!  My first ever "big" TpT purchase was made at HER store!  What TpT seller doesn't need tons and tons of new fonts to work with (my all time favorite being Type Hype)?  Check them out!
Here is my selfie with her... maybe just a little too up close on me, but oh well :).

Here is a picture of the awesome presentation that she presented that was helpful to all TpT sellers, both novice and veterans!  
Side note:  I wish I knew where she got that dress from!

However, before I saw Jennifer Jones, I was starstruck when I saw Amy Berner!  I was like, I know that face from the forums!  I had no idea she'd be there, too!  She took notes throughout the whole day to take back to TpT headquarters!  It's awesome to know that our suggestions/ideas are really valued! :)

The meet-up truly was AMAZING!  Not only did I spend the day talking and learning with others, I received a number of awesome swag gifts throughout the day.  Like somebody shouted out,

"It feels like we're on Oprah!"

Check out the gift tables! The first picture shows prizes donated from numerous TpT sellers, Etsy Sellers, business, etc.!  SO MUCH COOL stuff!  The second picture shows the gift exchange items we brought to exchange with another seller at the meet-up.  We each brought something that we truly love using in our classroom-- What a great idea!

Now check out almost all of the swag I took home!

Here is a picture of two friends of mine that teach and sell with me!  I'm in the middle!  To left of me is Melanie from Purposefully Primary and to the right is Kelsey from Kiddie Kreations by Kelsey... check out their stores! :)

I CAN'T WAIT until next year's Meet-Up!  I hope to see all my new friends there again plus some new faces! Until then, maybe I'll see you at the TpT Conference in Vegas this July?  I hope so!  Look for me :)