Thursday, March 6, 2014

Read Across America Week 2014

Read Across America week is coming to an end!  What fun things did you do with your class?  The highlight of my week was a little Wacky Wednesday fun!  I love starting the day by giving the students a morning paper that is at a HS level!  Now, if you don't know much about me, I teach 2nd grade! LOL.  I love TpT b/c all I did was search Chemistry and found a freebie worksheet, printed it out, and stuck it on their desks!  It's always so fun each year to see how the kids will react to it!  They tend to get puzzled looks on their faces, try out the paper for about like 5 minutes, and then when they hand it in they apologize b/c they just don't understand it.  Then I remind them, no worries, it's WACKY WEDNESDAY! :)

At center time, I decided to use my new classroom iPads at the writing center.  I literally threw together a QR code search for them to work on 10 minutes before they walked in.  The idea just came to me!   I have the students using the QR Reader App to go to two different websites on Dr. Seuss.  They read the sites and answer the questions provided to them.  If you have iPads and are interested in checking it out, it's offered as a FREEBIE in my store (link to my TpT site on flag above)!  If you do happen to download it, please leave me some sweet feedback :).  It would be neat to know that somebody found it via my blog!

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